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We understand the difficulty and stress of selling a family home to help care for an aging loved one.

Don't let that stress fall solely on your shoulders.

We help hundreds of families eliminate the stress of selling a home to provide care for a loved one

We Are Certified

Mom's House Senior Transition Specialist

Our team has Trusted Senior Transition Specialists that are advocates for seniors.

Our Trusted Senior Transition Specialist specialize in
helping families transition their aging loved ones into senior care.

We eliminate the stress of making the house ready for sale.

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How we can help you and your loved one make this a smooth transition

With our four step process for helping our seniors, no one has to worry about scheduling repairs, cleaning, and listing the house for months

Step 1

Get in touch

To begin the offer process, you will submit information about the property. 

This can be done by filling out our offer form or you can give us a call directly to get started on your offer.

Step 2

We gather info

We’ll want to gather some information about the property. In order to know what offer makes sense for your situation, the more information you’re willing to give, the better we can serve you. And if you don’t know what you need to tell us, that’s all right!

Since no two cases are identical we need to get additional information. This helps us understand the what is better. Sometimes, a cash offer will work just fine. In other cases, there simply isn’t enough equity in the property to make a cash offer work, and so we will look to some of our alternative options.  

We have done this long enough to know what to ask and can guide you through the entire process.

Step 3

We visit and understand

The next step is to schedule a visit to the property. We want to make sure this is a win-win situation for both of us. To give you an accurate offer, we need to assess how much love and care the house needs for us to bring it back up to the market. We are assuming the work, time, and costs into renovating or remodeling the house so you don’t have to, but we to make sure we get it right!

This means taking a look at the interior as well as the exterior to get a better idea of the condition of the property.

Step 4

You get our offer

We will make our offer to you.

In most cases, this is a cash offer that will allow you to simply accept, choose your closing date, and be done with the property with NO money out of your pocket.

If the cash offer won’t work for your case, then we will offer alternative solutions to purchase the home from you. There are many ways to purchase a property that are not traditional.

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